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Durvet Vitamins and Electrolytes

I use this vitamin and electrolyte powder in my waters in my chick brooders and in the grown out pens in the hotter months. It gives the newly hatched chicks a great start at life  (in my opinion) and helps keep younger birds hydrated in the super hot months here in the summer. Directions are to "Dissolve 1/2 (4oz) package in 55 gallons or 1 package (8oz) in 110 gallons" of water. Mix fresh daily. I use 1 gallon waterers in my brooders. I put about 1/2 to 1/4 tsp per gallon of water as suggested to me by the owner of my local feed store.

Spaulding Labs Fly Predator

I did a blog post about this product that you can Read Here

This is a great way to control your fly population without pesticides

I have been using this product for a while now and I LOVE it! I would highly recommend it for fly control around any ones property, even if they don't own livestock.

Check out their website here

Brinsea EcoGlow 50 Chick Brooder

The husband surprised me with 2 of these for my birthday. I could not have been more thrilled, or surprised!

Chicks under the brooder, safe, warm and happy!
The EcoGlow 50 works using radiant heat to warm the chicks in your brooder. It uses less electricity than heat lamps and is MUCH safer. The height can be adjusted for older birds, it has a 10 foot power cord, and is designed to cover 50 chicks or ducks and can also be used for other waterfowl and gamebirds. They also make a smaller version to cover 20 chicks, the EcoGlow 20.

I highly recommend this item!

Stromberg's Hatchery

Now this is an odd review because I never actually got the birds I ordered. I ordered from their Show Quality Day Old Chicks. I have been looking to add Bantam Golden Laced Polish to the mix and finding any has proved a bit difficult. So I placed and order with Stromberg's with the knowledge that I would have to wait a while to get my chicks. When you order the Show Quality birds you have to wait to hear directly from the breeder to know when your birds will be shipped. When the time came and went that I should have heard something I called the 800 number for customer service. They called the breeder for me, and they found out there was an issue with those birds not laying well that early in the season. I chose to wait it out, and then there was an incubator failure. Now writing this I realize this sounds like a bad review. But I assure you it isn't. I breed birds, I incubate all the time. I know sometimes they just don't lay when you want them to, and I know having my incubator fail would be awful. So this is not something within the hatchery's control. What IS within their control is their customer service, and that was spot on. They were incredibly quick in getting me the information I needed, calling me back immediately once they were able to confirm what was going on with the breeder. I did finally chose to cancel my order and wait for a later date, because the color and breed I wanted was just not going to work out. I could have easily substituted, but I wanted that one particular color and that was all. They were quick with my refund and their customer service people were friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make their customer happy. And really when dealing with Mother Nature, that's all you can ask for. I would definitely order from them again in the future.

Greenfire Farms

The prices at Greenfire are absurd! BUT, if you want a rare, imported breed or color, that's what you're going to have to pay no matter where you find it.

I ordered my Tolbunt Polish from Greenfire and had to wait MONTHS for them. Shipping date after shipping date was canceled. Which in itself is bad enough, but what made it worse is that they couldn't even bother to call you and let you know your order was yet AGAIN delayed. They did send an email, the day after they were to be shipped. When I would email them for information, because they don't give out their phone number, I would get short and curt responses.

I did finally get my birds, they did send extras (which died within 24 hrs). They did credit me for the loses. BUT, I believe the chicks I received were not day old chicks, which breaks postal regulations. I drove and hour and a half to pick them up from the sorting facility so that they were only in the box for 24hrs, otherwise it would have been another day before I got them. The chicks were supposed to have hatched the day they shipped, which would have meant that they were less than 48 hours old when I picked them up. Their wings were nearly fully feathered. There is no way a 2 day old chick would feather that quickly. 2 weeks yes, 2 days no way! Not in the experience I have had hatching birds anyway.

When I emailed to complain about the deaths and the fact that the chicks were older than they should have been I finally got a phone cal from the company. I was refunded for the loses and told the chicks were in deed less than 24 hours old when shipped. I appreciated the refund considering they did send extras. I still do not believe the chicks were day old when shipped. I also had a serious leg issue with one of the birds once they got older and that bird did not survive. Genetic issues and deformities in their stock are not covered for refunds at all.

The birds I do have are feathering out beautifully and true to type. But the customer service was so far beyond bad that I do not believe I will be doing any further business with this company.

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